Foreign Patients

In recent years, there has been an increase in couples coming from abroad who choose Greece to have IVF treatment, egg donation, embryo donation, or sperm donation.

The main reasons for choosing Greece are:

  • Advantageous Greek legislation
  • Highest success rates in Europe
  • Reasonable treatment cost
  • Excellent services
  • Individualised patient care


Στην πρώτη επικοινωνία (τηλεφωνικά ή με e-mail) με το ζευγάρι που προέρχεται από άλλη χώρα, αφού γίνει μια πρώτη διερεύνηση του προβλήματός τους, ζητάμε να συμπληρώσουν και να στείλουν πίσω, μια φόρμα εγγραφής που παρέχει το ΙΑΚΕΝΤΡΟ και περιλαμβάνει το ιστορικό και τις εργαστηριακές εξετάσεις του ζεύγους.

First Contact and Planning

During the couple’s first contact (by telephone or email) after discussing their issues, we will send them a registration form to fill out, which includes the couple’s medical history and laboratory test results and ask them to send it back. This will then be reviewed by our specialist team to advise on the best course of action.

Visit to IAKENTRO – Duration of stay

Once any further investigations have been completed as advised by our team, and the proposed treatment plan has been accepted by the couple, we can then prepare for their arrival in Greece. The couple must be at IAKENTRO on the date of eggs and sperm retrieval, as well as 5 days later on the date of embryo transfer.

The length of a couple’s required stay in Greece is 6-7 days. For their assistance, IAKENTRO employs special coordinators that speak most foreign languages and are at the couple’s disposal to help organise their trip (arrival, accommodation, departure), and to resolve any issues that may arise during their stay in Greece.