Psychological support

In vitro fertilization has opened new horizons in the treatment of infertility and today it has high success rates But it does not cease to be a difficult process with enough psychological pressure.

Each person reacts differently to infertility problems. It is normal for couples undergoing IVF, or for one of the partners, to experience fear of the unknown medical act and insecurity about the impending procedure. Very often, couples wish to share their feelings with an expert, who will support them without the risk of their problems becoming public knowledge.

The main issues pertain to:

  • Feelings of insecurity about the impending medical act
  • Alternating between feelings of hope and despair, depending on the progress of the treatment
  • Feelings of failure, low self-esteem, guilt, shame, and insult
  • Expenditure of time and energy
  • Financial problems and changes in the family’s financial planning that may result in having to abandon certain dreams
  • Changes in the couple’s personal relationship, which may become more intimate or problematic
  • Impact on work performance
  • Sense of injustice

At IAKENTRO, we have a specialised team of psychologists which you may consult at your discretion to deal with these issues. Certainly, treatment outcome is better for couples that are mentally and emotionally prepared for IVF.

It is very important for us that you have a positive outlook during IVF, and the certainty that you will soon have offspring.

Do not forget that infertility is like breaking a bone: when it heals, it is stronger than before, but during healing it is painful.