Offering, providing, caring!

Iakentro Fertility Center is helping you succeed by:

  • offering you the Highest success rates in Europe
  • providing affordable treatment cost
  • caring and focusing on your specific individual case


One of the most important consideration of any fertility patient in choosing a fertility clinic is success rates. The dream of parenthood is the driving force that makes them follow the IVF journey. At Iakentro we place all of our experience and medical expertise into achieving the desired result as quickly as possible. That is why we are proud to have some of the highest success rates in Europe.


Cost is the second important element of concern for fertility patients. Iakentro combines the best quality of medical treatment with affordable prices so that all fertility patients who are in need to make their dream of parenthood come true can afford to pay for IVF. Knowing that NHS funding is limited and patients are looking at going private for fertility treatment, Iakentro is providing a cost that can be one third of the cost of private UK clinics.


IVF is not about a industry line but is about individuals who are unique and each one has special needs. At Iakentro we care about you personally. We focus on your individual case to investigate all the parameters that need to be tackled so that a successful result can be achieved.


For over 10 years we have been welcoming couples from Greece and many European countries offering them the best options for accommodation and high quality services during their stay in our country.

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